Hi, I'm Catie!

I spent several years building a photography business that was centered around weddings. I had the pleasure of traveling to exotic destinations and meeting the most amazing couples and families. When I became a Mother, everything changed. 

Motherhood is blissful, exhausting, beautiful, heartbreaking, amazing, and challenging all at the same time. That's why Mothers are so amazing! 

In this day and age, our phones are so readily available, but usually we are the ones behind the camera. My dream is to empower Women + Mothers through the art of photography. I hope we meet soon!


''To the mother who doesn't want photos because she's self conscious of [fill in the blank]: stop hesitating and hire Catie. Being intentional by showing up in photos with our kiddos is crucial; not only for us, but especially for them. As they grow, I hope they look at the photos we took and see how loved they are. As I grow with them, I hope to look at these photos and remember how valuable and precious this season was - even in the midst of difficult days.

Catie is equally skilled with photography as she is with working with kids. She's found a niche that resonates with so many women. As a mother, sometimes the most difficult thing (or even the last thing we want to do) is take photos WITH our kids. It takes a lot of effort, sometimes a meltdown or two, and a bit of planning - but the end product is worth more than gold. Catie was patient with my kids and worked with them to make them feel comfortable. She was at the location before us, ready with a plan, and the session went smoothly because of it. Her editing turn-around time is prompt, and the quality of photos are 10/10."

-Katie, Mother of 3